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When I decided to become a Certified Life Coach initially it was to simply help myself. It wasn't until the completion of the course that I discovered that I could help others AND myself and that would be a win/win for all parties.

One of the biggest lessons learned while taking the course was that I was going to have to take responsibility for ALL my wrongdoings and I have tried my very best to acknowledge my role in any mishaps. Many will embrace it while others will run and place blame on others, but at the end of the day, the truth is the truth and you can only hide from it for so long.

Freeing yourself from the guilt and hurt that being dishonest and or manipulative is the best thing you can do if you truly want forgiveness but most importantly PEACE of mind.

#GetYourLife #SelfLove #BeEncouraged #BeTheBestYou #BeGreat

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