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Oops! Oh My!

So ummm....I  do not who had the worst performance last night, Fergie or Black Chyna. O_o

Trump is on Twitter coming at Oprah if he doesn't go and have SEVERAL seats.

Oh, my did you guys hear about Kendrick Lamar, that man is so incredible to me. The movie "Black Panther"  is very dear to Kendrick Lamar, who was the driving force behind the film’s critically acclaimed album. Now he wants to share his hard work with kids who might not be able to see the movie while it’s out in theaters.  Lamar’s record label Top Dawg Entertainment bought out five different screenings in three cinemas in the Los Angeles area for kids who live in the Watts housing project. Much respect Mr.Lamar! 

Speaking of Black Panther...Black Panther made $200 Million this weekend! All I can say is BLACK STAR POWER!!! 

On to Cardi B... One of her fans speculated over the weekend that she was pregnant and hiding it. Cardi B confirmed that she is not preggos but just been eating a lot of tacos. LOL

Cierra finally showed the world her 9 month old daughter Sienna, cute lil girl, it is about damn

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