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Pandora or Yvette for Jody? By Marlon McCaulsky

This is a oldie but funny. But before we move into the main topic let's discuss Jody's girlfriend Yvette. She kept on making one bad decision after another.

Let's look at the facts. What did she see in Jody to begin with? When she meet him, he didn't have a job. He didn't have a car. He was a grown man riding a bike. He was still living at home with his momma. She was sleeping with him with no condom and surprise-surprise she got pregnant and had a baby with him. And while they were together he cheated on Yvette and got another woman (Peanut) pregnant.

So outside of his looks what did she see in Joseph "Jody" Summers a 20 something year old bike mechanic still living at home with his momma?

Yvette really made some bad decisions. And prior to meeting Jody she was dating a Crip named Rodney I'm not even going to ask what she saw in him to begin with.

With that said, Fellas, don't let Baby Boy fool you. Pandora was a much better choice than Yvette. She had a job, her own crib, her own car & knew exactly what she wanted! Didn’t have nobody calling from the Pen wanting to talk.

Didn’t have nobody moving in and knockin over her son forts and callin him a scrub after they got out. Matter of fact she didn't even have any kids. She was supportive of Jody business, knew how to roll and set the mood after a long day of slanging dresses. She just wanted to bust it wide open for him and have a good time.

Pandora knew Yvette wasn’t no good for Jody and was just tryna get that King out of a bad situation before Rodney got out. Most will not recognize this Queen for the best woman she was. Don't deal with Yvette and her drama, get you a Pandora. 👑

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