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Pet Peeves by Marlon McCaulsky

These are just some random Pet Peeves most people can relate to. 😤

●Pet Peeve #8- Inboxing me with:

"I was just wondering if you have heard about the Dhhs Grant Recipient COVID-19 financial support program going on now?"


"I am so exited !!! I got $250,000.00 deliver to me from the (WCAB)(DHHS)...They are using this to help the retired, disable, widow and workers, Did you get the money too?"

:::::::bitch you a lie. Everybody knows this scam. Stop Inboxing me or trying to clone my account. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your crotch:::::::

●Pet peeve #17, Walmart checkout lines. 25 lanes only 4 open.

●Pet Peeve #22 People Not washing their hands after they use the bathroom. You done pissed all over your hands and just wanna grab every doorknob you can huh? 🤮

●Author Pet peeve #37 When somebody sees a copy of your book, picks it up, and ask you can they take it home and read it, instead of asking can they buy a copy...

●Pet Peeve #44- having a private conversation on your phone in a public setting.

●Pet Peeves #45- having a private conversation on your phone in public when the per person is on speaker.

●Pet peeve #56- when driving people who turn super slow when there is no reason too. I shouldn't have to come to almost a complete stop just so you can turn into KFC.

●Pet Peeve #63- People that warm up fish in the microwave at work.

●Pet peeve #71- on the road- When the car you're behind have five car lengths in front of them and they won't drive up 😡

●Pet peeve #73- having a private conversation on your cell phone in a crowded elevator. Nobody wants to hear about rash you got in your southern region or what your dinner plans are for the night. Wait till you get off fool. That is all.

●Pet peeve # 127- when you're driving down the highway and decide to change lanes. You wanna change lanes and in a total dick move the person behind moves into the next lane and speeds up preventing you from coming over. Than am I wrong to speed up and cut his punk ass off?? I think not. #roadrage101

●Pet Peeve #131- Uncultured white people using slang words or phrases when they talk to you.

●Pet Peeve #148- If I don't know you, you don't have to force and make a conversation if we have nothing to talk about. Hello, how you doing, is fine but don't try to talk to me about some random stuff I have no interest in. Especially if we're on airplane, train, or in line, etc. Just mind yo business.

●Pet peeve #296, people that call zeros (0), o's when reading it to you.

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