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Review:I Might Forgive...But I Don't Forget. (Jeezy & Nia Interview)

I truly enjoyed watching Jeezy and Nia have some "therapy." I found a new respect for Jeezy and Nia for being so transparent, and even though they were hurting and still healing, they remained poised and with dignity and, without a doubt, INTEGRITY.

Being a regular person is hard enough, but being a celebrity has to be ten times harder because everything is up for the media to consume, ridicule, and judge. You are supposed to get cheated on and be humiliated but smile for every interview and picture while feeling like you are dying inside.

One of the best moments was when Jeezy took the spotlight off of him, recognized that Nia was still hurting, and gave her flowers. She called her America's sweetheart, and that she is. She plays good roles and is respected in front of the camera and behind it and does everything "right" but still finds herself involved in a scandal while trying to protect her peace and her children's. SALUTE NIA for being strong and Jeezy for letting her know; WE SEE YOU AND SUPPORT YOU!!

This interview showed me that there is always another side listening to yours. It may trigger them to remember their past or current hurt and want to show that they are listening, whereas most people listen to respond but not to understand.

I know many tuned in for the "tea" regarding Jeezy and Jeanie Mai, but he did not say anything disrespectful, and rightfully so; that is the mother of his daughter, AND they are currently going through a divorce. I did peep that the goodie two shoes persona Jeanie shows the public differs from what she offers her husband. Also, I learned that Jeezy is a very private person. If I keep repeating myself, saying that I do not want always to be seen as me or my family, and my mate constantly does the opposite, that is a form of disrespect, and how long should one be subjected to lack of respect?

Overall, this conversation between a rapper and an actress was refreshing; it was raw and very transparent; it was emotional, and this is what black women and men need!

Reviewed by: Kisha Green

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