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Screenwriters Wanted

This course are for those that can not take the 6-week one on one classes and wants to learn the art of screenwriting from A to Z and graduate at their own pace with the online training video course. You will still learn…

🎬 How to write a LogLine/Synopsis, Three-Act Structure and Character Development.

🎥 Screenplay formatting.

📽️ How to write other genres.

🎞️ Learn the art of the Pitch Deck, Query Letter & The One Sheet Summary.

🍿 How to write and create a Television Pilot along with the TV Bible.

🎦 How to Register your screenplay with Writers Guild of America.

📼 How to submit your screenplay effectively to Producers, Directors, Actors/Actress & Festivals.

📀 How to make a 5-6 figure income by having a successful Screenwriter For Hire Business.

Afterpay is also available for this course as well! Inbox me for more details.

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