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Therapy Works

What are some reasons we don't like to talk about childhood issues but we like to blame them for the things we go thru in our adult lives?????

A couple of years ago, Shawn Carter and his wife, Beyonce, were on the verge of divorce. Beyonce was officially done with the marriage.

Shawn broke down crying. He begged his wife to give him one more chance to confront the childhood traumas that were preventing him from being a good husband through therapy.

A lot of folks accused Shawn of making excuses for his actions. Beyonce agreed to give him one more shot with therapy. She was aware of his emotional traumas.

Today, Shawn credits that therapy, and confronting the mental and emotional scars from his childhood with saving his family.

Childhood trauma often follows many of us into adulthood, and when left unresolved, self-destruction is the outcome.

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