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Todays Rappers Lack of Respect by Marlon McCaulsky

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

▶️ Hip-Hop commentary piece on today's rapper's:

The disrespect doesn't even shock me anymore. These little boys will say anything to get attention. Like a child wanting to be loved by a father that is not there. Thinking that by disrespecting somebody who's Legacy is older than him will bring him the recognition he craves for.

It's actually quite pathetic that you can't let your music speak for yourself because it doesn't have the gravitas or importance to be put in the same sentence with Jay Z's classic albums. Being a big streaming artist these days does not equate to being a artist that sold millions of physical copies of CDs in the 90s and 2000s. It doesn't compare to seeing hundreds of Hip Hop listeners rush to your local music store on a Tuesday to get your album. No longer are the days that bootleggers would kill to get a copy of your album to sell on the streets because they knew it was a gold mine.

Unfortunately for today's generation Spotify, iTunes, and apple music and other streaming platforms have taking the the lore and prestige away from dropping an album that everybody needs to listen to. Being a big streaming artist only doesn't really give you the same respect and Legacy some artist crave for.

First 21 Savage slights Nasir Jones now this nonsense smh. Jay-Z, NaS, Big, Snoop, Cube, never had to diss the rappers that came before them for attention but your insecurity makes you act this way. You're not even on the level of your contemporary peers, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, or Drake but you choose to challenge a legend who's not even active musically these days? A rapper that has become a billionaire mogul? That's who you're challenging? Now that's amusing.

Young boy, where is your lyrics? Where are your quotable bars that got everybody buzzing? Where is your world tours? Have you ever sold out Madison Garden in a day? Are you even going to be relevant 10 years from now? And more importantly are you still going to be calling yourself NBA YoungBOY? 🤣 Go somewhere and play little boy, the OGs are still decades above you. Who's next?

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