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What About Your Friends

I find human behavior to be fascinating. I often sit and people-watch. I combined that fascination with sex, dating, and relationships, and DIGITAL FOREPLAY was born. When I first heard about 25-year-old Shanquella Robinson from North Carolina, who died while on a trip to Cabo, Mexico, with friends over Halloween weekend. I shook my head because how could that happen while away with your FRIENDS?

I Refused to watch videos of people being beaten or murdered, but the autopsy revealed she died of a broken neck and cracked spine, which was not alcohol poisoning. But what also puzzled me was that this young lady went away with so-called friends and never thought she would return home.

This was a wake-up call because real friends do not let you wander off with strangers, fuck all that "we are grown shit" I cannot tell how many times my girls have either watched me get in my car, requested I text when I get home and or share my location with them, and that is here in Jersey, so you know being in Mexico my friends would not let me disappear.

But let's focus on the real problem here with this MURDER, Shanquella TRUSTED her friends, and they beat her to death, left her there, and returned home like this was the norm. THOSE WERE NOT HER FRIENDS.

Jealousy and envy fuel this behavior, and even sometimes, rejection make a person snap, even though there is no excuse. As a mother of children in their 20s, they travel, and it is saddening to think that danger is right in your face smiling with you in your selfies.

The moral of this post is that everyone is NOT your friend, and stop calling people friends when they are just an associate and or simply someone you know cause a REAL friend would NEVER betray, harm, lie, physically, or emotionally hurt YOU!

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